The Insecure Security of Leadership

I am often prompted to respond in verse to things that others write. I did so this morning after reading a LinkedIn post from a New York correspondent concerning a … Continue Reading →

To blog or not to Blog?

I have not blogged for quite a while. This is probably a good thing. The world is better off with less needless content. I said in my first blog that I’m … Continue Reading →

A Publisher’s Perspective

I’ve just read a wonderful contribution on LinkedIn posted by the Rev. EelKat Wendy C Allen – yes, I think that’s her real name. It concerns a conversation about authors using LinkedIn … Continue Reading →

Thrive or Dive? The Future of eBooks.

Will ebooks thrive or dive? It is the subject of a conversation I have just joined on LinkedIn. My own thoughts are… As a writer and reader, I suspect we … Continue Reading →


I am an enthusiastic writer but a reluctant blogger. A contradiction? Hopefully not. I prefer writing books that allow me to explore ideas at length. But books take time to … Continue Reading →