Another Year of Writing

The last decade has shot past with blinding speed. First, there was the Indian Ocean Tsunami way back in December 2004. A global catastrophe affecting millions, it was massive news at the time. … Continue Reading →

Tsunami 10th Anniversary

Almost 10 years since the 2004 tsunami. Time for the commemoration. There’ll be lots of comments. Some will be good, some bad, some self-serving rot. The big agencies will no doubt … Continue Reading →

The Insecure Security of Leadership

I am often prompted to respond in verse to things that others write. I did so this morning after reading a LinkedIn post from a New York correspondent concerning a … Continue Reading →

Leadership – the Missing Link

Following Tempo‘s review of Tsunami Chronicles this week, the emails started coming in. One in particular stood out from the bunch. It came from a young Indonesian woman who experienced … Continue Reading →

Against a Tide of Evil

I recently finished reading a book I strongly recommend. It is Against a Tide of Evil by Mukesh Kapila and Damien Lewis. This is Mukesh Kapila’s very personal story that, … Continue Reading →

Want to succeed? A youthful formula.

Last week I met the archetype of tomorrow’s success. His name is Shane. He’s a waiter in the academic dining room at the University of Canberra. I’m an alumnus and … Continue Reading →

The Metaphorical Mirror

We all face our own personal disasters from time to time. They are part of the human journey, at least they have been for me. To be human is to … Continue Reading →

Risk and the Boiling Frog

The wonderful discussion on LinkedIn concerning risk management continues. The two dominant themes are (1) the problems with risk management are either due to people or systems failures, or a … Continue Reading →

Managing Risk

I have just posted the following for a risk-management group I follow on LinkedIn. I thought others might be interested in it too. It is part of a discussion which … Continue Reading →