Another Year of Writing

The last decade has shot past with blinding speed. First, there was the Indian Ocean Tsunami way back in December 2004. A global catastrophe affecting millions, it was massive news at the time. … Continue Reading →

Tsunami 10th Anniversary

Almost 10 years since the 2004 tsunami. Time for the commemoration. There’ll be lots of comments. Some will be good, some bad, some self-serving rot. The big agencies will no doubt … Continue Reading →

The Insecure Security of Leadership

I am often prompted to respond in verse to things that others write. I did so this morning after reading a LinkedIn post from a New York correspondent concerning a … Continue Reading →

Leadership – the Missing Link

Following Tempo‘s review of Tsunami Chronicles this week, the emails started coming in. One in particular stood out from the bunch. It came from a young Indonesian woman who experienced … Continue Reading →

Where to after the tsunami?

As I gradually emerge from beneath the great load of writing Tsunami Chronicles, ever so slowly the world is beginning to take notice of the book. Tsunami Chronicles: Adventures in Disaster … Continue Reading →

Against a Tide of Evil

I recently finished reading a book I strongly recommend. It is Against a Tide of Evil by Mukesh Kapila and Damien Lewis. This is Mukesh Kapila’s very personal story that, … Continue Reading →